Volume One: 4 February 1997

Technical Information

I guess I should start this by explaining what the hell I hope to accomplish by putting this up. It's more personal stuff, appealing to the side of me that likes to see my name in lights, so to speak. Mostly, I'm planning on babbling about what's happening in the world of Adam and Teresa. I know if you've made it this far, you probably have some personal connection to me (though if you're from Sweden, I want to extend you a heartfelt "Welcome"...many of your countrymen and countrywomen have hit this site lately, and I'm dying to know what you think about Goffman). This is going to be my more frequently updated version of the Christmas letters we all get from one family or another. I'll just start the babbling now...

The big news is still Teresa and I moving from our tiny one-bedroom apartment to a nice, spacious two-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse down the street. I guess this is actually old news, since we moved in over the Thanksgiving holiday, but we're still happy hosts looking for guests, so anyone in the greater Alameda area is more than welcome to come and visit us. The place is shaping up, though by no means is it shaped. Teresa and I celebrated the birthday of Dr. King by going out and looking for furniture. After 10 hours and 50 stores, you get a little brain-fried and bug-eyed. But we came out being blown away by a glorious oak dining table and huge California king bed frame. So now we have a kitchen table with no chairs and a California king bed frame with a double mattress. More is to come...

In employment news: Teresa has liberated herself from the oppression of Silva Financial Group and is now happily plugging away (temporarily) at Lawrence Livermore Labs...or, rather, will be starting on the 10th. Until then, she's taking a well-deserved week off. If you haven't yet, I urge you to call and congratulate her. And she's doing a lot of lunch, so do hurry if you want her to pencil you in.

In a related story: My oversized cube (by CfMC standards, anyhow) has been invaded by recently married, semi-gruntled, French, ex-SFG employees. Well, okay. An employee. Mr. Scott Viguie and I are currently vocationally cohabitating as a result of yet another weird work relationship dreamt up by one CfMC employee or another. So how did this come about? David and I both recommended the aformentioned not-quite-co-worker to the proper authorities at our beta-test site, The Research Spectrum, which, along with Scott's shining interviewing skills, landed him some employment of the gainful type. In the meantime, I've been assigned to show him the ropes, with which he's sure to hang himself if he's forced to stay in my cube the entire three months of his tenure at CfMC.

And with that, I'll end this set of vignettes. The newsman's tradition is to find a pithy way of ending one's broadcast. An attempt: Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

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