Volume Three: 1 April 1997

Technical Information

Seems like the big news for the rest of the world is that whole Heaven's Gate thing, about which I have very little to say. One aside: Teresa and I share a piece of hangperson's humor about it...one of the members of said religious institution, Margaret Ella Richter, was the 1969 Valedictorian at Teresa'a alma mater, Las Plumas High School in Oroville, California. And earned an MA at UCLA, where I discovered the wonders of Andre Gorz and Erving Goffman.

Last night (March 31) was quite an evening for the television. Top billing for the night, of course, was the NCAA Championship Game. It was nice for a left-coaster like myself to watch Arizona topple the Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky juggernauts. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, that we're talking about the fifth place team in the Pac-10 that won the national championship (I can take some refuge in the fact that my beloved Bruins won the conference and swept the season series with the national champions...sigh...).

After fulfilling my jones for things athletic, I happened to fall into a wonderful PBS documentary on the minority experience in the academy, Shattering the Silences. The immediate head-turner was seeing Alex Saragoza, with whom Teresa spent a fair amount of time during the period of her Mexican Adventure. For me, the real draw was seeing Robin Kelley speak at some length. Though I don't always agree with what he says, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the man, and seeing him, rather than just reading him (his book Hammer and Hoe I've reviewed here), was an interesting experience. In any event, seeing those two and several others profiled was a seven-course meal for thought, and I recommend making a point of catching it.

Site update: I've beefed up the section on the Lost Souls a little bit, adding lyrics for the songs on Howlin' at the Moon. I've polished my culturally geographical shoes again, and have the beginnings of a section on a stretch of road near and dear to my heart, Highway 99. In honor of the opening of baseball season, I'll point you at my little blurb on sabermetrics and my Bill James resources.

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